Thank you for considering joining the US Marshal’s Posse District of Arizona.   In brief, we are a civilian group of like-minded individuals who are both privileged and honored to represent this Law Enforcement Organization; the longest serving of all Law Enforcement Agencies in the United States.  This is our expression of appreciation for all they do—what all Law Enforcement Agencies do each and every day.

 We are uniquely different than other Posses, as we are very visible in the community.  Most notably, we participate in numerous Arizona parades representing Historic  Equestrian Marshals as well as participating in several community focused service events—always in our historic US Marshal Uniforms.[1]    

 Our annual dues structure supports our mission.  Those that actively participate in our events are entitled to a reduced annual membership[2].  We are a 501 c3 qualified organization, thus the annual fee is a minimum, while we encourage all of our members to be as generous as they can be.

 Our application process requires a prospect to submit the following :

  • A completed application ( available on our website )
  • Payment, see membership fee for the price ($250 of the fee is non-refundable) to complete the screening process and a formal background check
  • A current passport style photo

 Once the items above have been received and the background check is complete, you will be contacted to meet and interview with a minimum of two of our Board members.  Should you know an existing member, we encourage you to have him or her sponsor /co-sponsor your  application.

 As part of the “initial phase” of the application process is complete if you are recommended for membership, payment for the membership fee of $2500 Full ($1250 for Junior Members) is required.[3]  In addition, you will be required to successfully complete a concealed weapon training  class (approximately a 2 hour class) and, if you choose to carry a firearm at events,  some basic weapon training as well.  We do wear loaded Colt 45 guns as part of our parade uniform.[4]

For those of you who are joining as one of our limited “Honorary Members”, this requirement may be waived, however if you then decide to become an active member at a later time, this condition must then be satisfied.

For those of you who are NOT recommended for membership. You will be refunded $2250 Full ($1200 for Junior Members).



Thank you again for your interest and I and/or some of my fellow Board members look forward to meeting you.

 Best regards,

Bob Lavinia
USMP Membership Chairmen 

*Click this link to download a hardcopy of the membership application*

United States Marshals Posse Application, Membership Terms and Conditions.

*Once you submit your application. This page will be automatically redirected to our membership application fee page.